Head Start

Jenifer Deweese

Head Start Director

Leslie Keller

Head Start Deputy Director

It is the mission of the Head Start Program in partnership with our communities to provide positive educational experiences to low income families and their children younger than age five to develop life long learners and to ensure families are ready to enter Kindergarten successfully.

Every Head Start Family Receives:

First-class early childhood programming for children birth to five

Engaging parents in the learning process in class and at home

Training that helps families create and keep lifelong learning habits

On going guidance and support needed to create and maintain healthy parent/child relationships

Supportive services for each family that helps crease stability by teaching financial literacy and family well being

Family Well-Being

Positive Parent-Child Relationships

Families as Life-Long Educators

Families as Leaners

Family Engagement in Transitions

Family Connection to Peers and Community 

Families as Advocates

Seven Goals for Family and Community Engagement

Interested in Head Start?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up an enrollment meeting. To enroll your child you will need a completed application, certified birth certificate, medical card, and 12 months proof of income.


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2020 Head Start Appraiser

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